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Hi, I'm Ricardo

I grew up in East Texas and was raised by my single mom. Making minimum wage and working several jobs, she purchased a cozy 520 sqft house. After several years, she bought a second home where she lived until she moved in with my family in 2022.


My personal-development journey started when I was 15 and bought two books. Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins & The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


In 1992 ( 17 years old), I lost interest in formal education and dropped out of high school. After jumping from one meaningless job to another in 1999, I landed an entry-level I.T. position.


Through hard work and determination, I flipped this entry-level position into a 20-year career working for some of the world’s most prominent and influential companies.


In 2014 my wife and I started our first venture into self-development by organizing a Tony Robbins-based Meetup in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, the Meetup group evolved into the Leon Coaching Group. We offer a range of services, including executive coaching & corporate training, and host our staple Circle of Success Training & Mastermind.